Tornado – BLOB Man To Man Basic Inbounds Play

These is a really easy BLOB to teach at any age and works great against a man to man defense. You can use it against a zone but more than likely you will not get the layup option, only the mid range jumper or the 3pt corner shot.

In addition to using this as a BLOB I think it is a great small sided game set up to play 3v3. It teaches the player going around the screen to read what his man is going to do. If he tries to go around then you keep going around for a layup. If he tries to switch the screen or stay behind the screen you make that read to pop to open space for a mid range shot.

If the pass comes into the mid range area the in-bounder moves to the 3pt corner area for a pass out and a 3pt shot OR the ball handler can feed it down into the post as the screener turns around and seals his man.

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