Weird & Easy Inbounds Basketball Play – 4 High

Weird & Easy to teach baseline basketball BLOB inbounds play that you can install into your offense in 5 min at 1 practice. This inbounds play works best for teams with seasoned players who understand cutting to open space. This is not the best play for a new or really young team.

Keep the name simple, and kids will remember it faster. So we call this 4 High as the name if descriptive and helps players remember this play.

I use this with my teams anywhere on the baseline to get open and create chaos. The teams I develop thrive in chaos and can create scoring opportunities in the confusion.

The teams you will go up against with this are not used to seeing 4 people standing at halfcourt, and the first few times you use it, the defense will not know what to do or how to guard it.

Also, see 4 Side and 4 Low inbounds plays that go along with this but from the sideline and baseline. You can teach all of them in 15 min, and players will remember and like to run this. My 4 Side, Low, and High plays are the ones my players call the most as they enjoy the creativity it affords them.

Click here for a downloadable and printable PDF of this play