Simple Quick Hitter Baseline Inbounds Play Against 2-3 Zone

Simple Quick Hitter Baseline Inbounds Play Against 2-3 Zone

Coaches here is a straightforward baseline inbounds play that can be used against a 2-3 zone. It is designed to catch defense sleeping. The play can also be installed into most youth teams in about 10min. The name says what to do, “4 low”. All 4 players find a space along the baseline. The defenders by the elbows get caught guarding space and not players and do not drop to cover, and you get an easy bucket.

This works well once or twice a game. A coach used this on my team at a tournament, and we got caught sleeping. Like all good coaches, you steal what you like, and we have been using it for about a year now, and we get an open shot once or twice a game. It only took my team 10 min to learn and is worth 1 open shot per game. 1-3 points win most games, so this could be the difference maker in some games.

Also, see my “4 high” and “4 side” inbounds plays that you can install at the same practice that gives you easy looks at the basket and are super easy to coach up.

Click play below to watch 3D animation video of 4 Low:

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