About Us

Coach Todd

Writing this page is more challenging than putting out a blog post on basketball. I don’t particularly appreciate talking about myself. But if you take the time to read what I am publishing, you deserve to know a little about me.

My full name is Todd Harmon. I’m in my 50s and have been playing and coaching basketball my whole life. In my mid-30s, I sustained a turf toe injury that forced me to rethink playing and pick a different activity to keep in shape. So I have been doing MMA, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai for over a decade to stay active. For one reason or another, that does not hurt my foot.

But my love for basketball didn’t stop when I was injured and could no longer play. My boys were getting to an age where they had started playing sports, and I was coaching their teams. The more I coached, the more I loved it and set out to become the best coach I could be for them. That journey has not ended and continues to this day.

I’m the operations director for the Colorado Lighting basketball club in the North Metro Denver area. Before the Lighting, I coached for several other club programs in Denver in addition to the YMCA, recenter, and Faith Academy school in Arvada.

I lived with a future NBA player one summer as a teenager. He had been playing professionally in the EU and was getting ready to scrimmage the USA Olympic team. That was an incredible summer of learning what it took to become a professional.

I spent my teenage summers at UCSB at the LA Laker basketball camps when the team actually ran camps. I was fortunate to play in front of and receive coaching from Pat Riley, AC Green, Magic, Kareem, and many others.

I currently coach alongside a great group of coaches. Coaching is a team effort, and you need to surround yourself with others. That is why I started CMB BasetballTraining.com