My Why:

CMB was created for you. Whether a coach or a baller, you will find basketball training to take you to the next level. I’m Coach Todd, and I decided to start documenting what I learned about the game as a resource to help others improve. I see on different forums the same thing over and over: Coaches who want to be exceptional and they don’t know where to start. These coaches have hearts for their players and a spirit to learn.

Let me help you get started improving today. This site is going to take some time to build out, so be patient with me as I have a roadmap of topics I want to cover; it is vast, and I’m just going to tackle each subject one at a time. Join me on this adventure of becoming the best coaches and players/ballers we can be.

  • Becoming a Leader as a Basketball Player
    Leadership on a basketball team is an integral part of success both on and off the court. While some players naturally possess leadership qualities, anyone can work to develop the skills needed to become an effective leader. As a basketball player, you have a tremendous opportunity to inspire your teammates, earn their trust and respect, … Read more
  • Tips for Coaching Basketball with Limited Resources
    Coaching basketball can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges – especially when working with limited resources. As a coach with restricted access to facilities, equipment, and other assets, you may need to get creative to build a successful basketball program. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide … Read more
  • Passing and Catching for Youth Basketball Players
    Passing and catching are two key fundamentals that form the backbone of any successful youth basketball team. Mastering these skills not only elevates individual performance but also promotes teamwork, communication, and overall success on the court. This blog post will delve into essential passing techniques, effective catching drills, and practical coaching tips to help young … Read more
  • Communication in Youth Basketball Coaching
    Introduction: The Importance Of Effective Communication In Youth Basketball Coaching Strong communication is the backbone of successful youth basketball coaching, directly impacting player development, team culture, and overall enjoyment of the sport. As a crucial skill for coaches to master, effective communication elevates young athletes’ performance while fostering trust and positive relationships among team members. … Read more
  • Tournament Play in Youth Basketball
    Tournament play in youth basketball presents a unique and exciting opportunity for young athletes to showcase their skills, compete at higher levels, and develop lasting friendships. Navigating the world of tournaments can be overwhelming, from understanding the different types of tournaments to preparing both physically and mentally for intense competition. In this blog post, we’ll … Read more
  • Confidence in Youth Basketball Players
    Confidence is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success, especially when it comes to youth basketball players. As young athletes navigate the ups and downs of their sports journey, cultivating a strong sense of self-belief can propel them towards reaching their full potential on and off the court. In this blog post, we’ll explore … Read more