My Why:

CMB was created for you. Whether a coach or a baller, you will find basketball training to take you to the next level. I’m Coach Todd, and I decided to start documenting what I learned about the game as a resource to help others improve. I see on different forums the same thing over and over: Coaches who want to be exceptional and they don’t know where to start. These coaches have hearts for their players and a spirit to learn.

Let me help you get started improving today. This site is going to take some time to build out, so be patient with me as I have a roadmap of topics I want to cover; it is vast, and I’m just going to tackle each subject one at a time. Join me on this adventure of becoming the best coaches and players/ballers we can be.

  • Becoming a Leader Without Natural Talent or Athleticism
    I’m not the tallest, fastest, or most naturally talented on the court. But I’ve learned that leadership isn’t about physical prowess or innate abilities. It’s about grit, determination, and the power to inspire others. I’ll show you how I’ve developed my leadership skills, not through athleticism or talent, but through resilience, empathy, and leading by … Read more
  • Becoming a Student of the Game
    I’m passionate about mastering ‘the game’, whether it’s baseball, business, or life itself. I’m not just playing, I’m studying – every strategy, every move. I’ve learned it’s not enough to just participate, you’ve got to become a student of the game. And now, I’m here to share my insights, help you develop key skills, and … Read more
  • How Wrestling Cross Training Helps Basketball Performance
    I’m a sports enthusiast, with a special spot in my heart for basketball and wrestling. You’d be surprised how these two sports intertwine. As a cross trainer, wrestling has given me an edge on the basketball court. This article explores the benefits of wrestling in boosting basketball performance. It’s a unique approach to fitness, strength, … Read more
  • Becoming a Leader as a Basketball Player
    I’m a seasoned basketball player, and I’ve learned that leadership on the court is crucial. It’s not just about scoring points; it’s about earning respect, communicating effectively, and inspiring your team. This journey to becoming a leader isn’t easy, but it’s worth every sweat-drenched practice and pressure-filled game. I’m excited to share my insights with … Read more
  • How to Develop Positive Character Traits in Youth Through the Power of Basketball
    Basketball is so much more than just a sport. For millions of youth across America, basketball provides an opportunity to develop critical life skills that extend far beyond the court. As a coach, you have the power to transform lives by using basketball as a tool to instill positive character traits in your young athletes. … Read more
  • How to Help Young Basketball Players Reach Their Full Potential by Developing Their Basketball IQ
    Basketball IQ, also known as court sense or basketball intelligence, is a player’s understanding of the game. It encompasses their ability to make smart decisions during gameplay based on their knowledge of the game’s nuances, strategies, and situational analysis. Developing a high basketball IQ early on is crucial for young players to reach their full … Read more